The rate of transfer of heat through a structure, divided by the difference in temperature across that structure


We carry out U-values calculations for every construction type from the most straight forward to the most complex.

This service includes advising you on how best to achieve your target U-value, insulation thicknesses & specification required.

U-value calculations are carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 6946 13370 and BR443.

Modern construction methods are becoming increasingly complex, and there are many items which commonly bridge construction elements which must be included in the U-value. These can include wall ties, helping-hand brackets & rainscreen support systems, structural steels, concrete columns, relieving angles, roof halter clips, metal studs (SFS) and a variety of other components.

It is now increasingly common for U-values to require calculation by numerical modelling in 2D and3D in accordance with ISO 10211, rather than standard calculation


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