world's leading sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings


Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method

BREEAM is the world’s most commonly used means of reviewing and improving environmental performance. BREEAM looks beyond operational carbon alone, taking a holistic approach to the life cycle of a building and it’s environmental, social and economic sustainable performance.

The five BREEAM ratings are as follows:

Very Good

Credits are awarded for the environmental impact of the development and the categories in which credits are obtained are:

  1. Management
  2. Health & Wellbeing
  3. Energy
  4. Transport
  5. Water
  6. Materials
  7. Waste
  8. Land Use & Ecology
  9. Pollution
  10. Innovation

A high BREEAM rating can conjure a great deal of pride for those involved in a buildings construction and for its occupants, at FMC Services we are ideally equipped to assist in the often difficult process of obtaining the credits required.To ensure a higher level of credits can be achieved we use the IESVE analysis software which can provide a number of technical BREEAM reports to support the assessment process


Our BREEAM assessor is qualified to accredited professional standard and has a vast range of experience, our particular area of expertise is working on New Construction Non-domestic.

BREEAM New Construction

The New Construction standards can be used to assess the design, construction, intended use and future-proofing of new building developments, including the local, natural or man made environment surrounding the building. The standards can be used to assess most types of new buildings, including new homes and new-build extensions to existing buildings. Each uses a common framework that is adaptable, depending upon the building’s type and location.

BRREAM Refurbishment and Fit-Out

The BREEAM Refurbishment and Fit Out (RFO) standard enables real estate investors, developers and building owners to assess and mitigate sustainability-related impacts during the design and works of a refurbishment or fit out project. Through the assessment and certification process, the standard recognises and reflects the performance of the building once improvements have been made to the external envelope, structure, core services, local services or interior design of a building.


BREEAM In-Use is an environmental assessment method that enables property investors, owners, managers and occupiers to determine and drive sustainable improvements in an operational performance of their buildings. It provides sustainability bench-marking and assurances for all building types.

FMC Services can help you achieve your BREEAM certification.

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